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For Nabokov Lovers: is now accepting submissions., a new literary magazine, is looking for a few good short stories from a few good writers. We are a group of writers influenced by Nabokov among his contemporaries, and we are interested in your creative fiction.

If you were a storyteller in the old days, you could shake down a town for a meal and a bed with the power of your storytelling. We want to bring back the power of storytelling, to take it back from the McSweeney's cult of light whimsy and printing tricks. We want your stories to be a part of that effort, if you think your stories are good enough to shake down a town for a meal and a bed.

If you think that--or if you think you can trick us or something because you're a really smart graduate student who's read White Noise like, TWICE--then take a look at our site at If you think your work would fit well with us, then by all means send it. Submission procedures and guidelines can be found at

The inevitable bad news: we can't afford to pay you. But you will have your story and whatever information you want to provide up on our site for as long as you want it to be there. We're working on building enough revenue to pay writers, and as soon as we can do that we'll definitely remember everyone we've published.

We are NOT looking for people to write articles for the site at this time. We are ONLY looking for fiction.

So if you write fiction, get it to us, punks!

- Stephen Future
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