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Hi, I can't write to save my life (the only kind I've been paid to do is criticism) but I have a very Nabokovian obsession with editing, and his synthesis of academia and aestheticism gives me hope.
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The Original of Laura

Did anyone else buy it today? Do you have plans to buy it and read it? A friend gave the book to me for my birthday, and it was delivered this morning. I have not had the opportunity to look at the book in detail, but so far I'm impressed with the lovely reproductions of note cards.

It must have been very difficult for Dmitri to decide to publish his father's last work, and it goes against the wishes of VN himself. However, I am grateful to have this example of his writing method.

The book is beautiful, too. The dust jacket on the hardcover version features text that fades from left to right. The cover under the dust jacket is of graph paper with handwritten notes. And the index cards are featured with scans of front and back, as well as transcriptions of what is on each card.

So, tell me: are you purchasing, or do you plan to check out from a library at some point in the future, "The Original of Laura"? Are you abstaining from reading it due to moral objections? Are you curious?
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A few days ago I found an old Nabokov interview, maybe someone will be interested and hopefully this hasn't been posted before. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but in part 3 Nabokov talks about the several different covers of Lolita and a list of things he detests...

Here's the link: The Puget News
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In my Nabokov class, someone played a 25 minute mp3 of Nabokov reading the final confrontation between Humbert and Quilty from Lolita. I was wondering if this is part of an audiobook or just where I could get a copy of it myself? I just keep finding bits and pieces from the Jeremy Irons audiobook.
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For some reason, the girl playing the violin in this video made me think of Ada, and what she would look like at that age. It's fun to imagine she's Ada, silly of course, but I figured if there were people who could appreciate it, they might be reading this, here in this group. And I wonder if other people find themselves doing similar things, unintentionally (or intentionally) finding their favorite characters "embodied"---I also wonder if you agree and could see Ada looking like this, or not. At first I thought it would be fun to imagine the boy as Van, too, but I'm not sure about that---there's something in the way she seems to watch him that seems Ada-like (in the way she might watch Van*), but, I'd imagine Van taller, and with a more cropped hair cut. In any event, for fun, the video:

*Amendment: I think, after all, she may just be looking at the music, not the boy playing bass. But then there might be a certain bored competence in her that reminded me of Ada, a superlative-something or other, ill-met by less-than-inspiring and incompetent peers/teachers.**

**Amendment: I know, wasting time thinking about this. But what the hell.