x (cloverest) wrote in nabokovia,

The Original of Laura

Did anyone else buy it today? Do you have plans to buy it and read it? A friend gave the book to me for my birthday, and it was delivered this morning. I have not had the opportunity to look at the book in detail, but so far I'm impressed with the lovely reproductions of note cards.

It must have been very difficult for Dmitri to decide to publish his father's last work, and it goes against the wishes of VN himself. However, I am grateful to have this example of his writing method.

The book is beautiful, too. The dust jacket on the hardcover version features text that fades from left to right. The cover under the dust jacket is of graph paper with handwritten notes. And the index cards are featured with scans of front and back, as well as transcriptions of what is on each card.

So, tell me: are you purchasing, or do you plan to check out from a library at some point in the future, "The Original of Laura"? Are you abstaining from reading it due to moral objections? Are you curious?
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